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Youtube advertising and marketing agency Australia

On the world’s largest video platform, you can advertise your products and services on YouTube. Advertising on YouTube comes in various forms, such as pre-roll and in-stream video ads, discovery ads, bumper ads, in-video cards, and more.

Google Ads is the platform for YouTube advertising; the ads run through the Google Display Network. Ads run through the Google Search Network, like those from the Google Display Network. Depending on your budget, you set your bid amount after choosing your targeting and placement for your ads.

YouTube Advertising – how does it work?

Google Adwords is used to create YouTube Ads. You can choose a targeted demographic and ad placement for your Video after the Video is created and uploaded to Google Adwords. After that, you decide what your budget is for the ad. As soon as someone watches your advertisement, you pay. Google Adwords provides complete analytics and activity reports. 

YouTube Marketing 

Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google, the second biggest social network after Facebook, and the most powerful video platform.

With our YouTube marketing services, we put our expertise in Video, search, and social media to good use for your brand.

Marketing services for YouTube

 YouTube marketing strategy can be handled by the best YouTube marketing Agency, an end-to-end agency offering branding support to social media management.

There is no aspect of YouTube marketing that they cannot handle, from targeting the right audience to creating video content, optimizing, distributing, and performing analytics.

Each of the stages of the sales funnel can be targeted with video marketing, and nearly all of them involve YouTube. The below discussed services should be provided by the youtube advertising agency.

Video Creation

Video content for every stage of the sales funnel can be created by a complete team of videographers, producers, editors, on-screen talent, voiceover presenters, scriptwriters, and graphic designers:

  • Videos that engage social media users.
  • Videos that explain how to do something.
  • Videos of whiteboards.
  • Coverage of an event.
  • Blogging videos.
  • Interviews on location.
  • It’s a vox pop.
  • Promos for corporations.
  • Ads that are Video.
  • Testimonials in video format.
  • Videos that train.
  • Without excellent video content, you cannot succeed on the world’s largest video platform.

Social Media Management

A full-suite of YouTube management services is available from our social media managers, strategists, and consultants, including:

The process of creating a YouTube channel.

An improvement strategy for key performance metrics such as watch time, impressions, reach, and engagement.

  • Coordinate content strategy and project management efforts with marketing.
  • Reporting and analytics are provided continuously.
  • Answering comments.

YouTube has nearly 2 billion monthly active users, making it the second-largest social media site on the internet. As a result of that logic, YouTube is just as important as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram – perhaps even more so

Video SEO

YouTube ranking well is a challenge, but it is also essential. More than 5 billion videos are found on the second largest search engine each day, and a variety of factors determine whether or not your video content will be featured:

  • The total number of views.
  • The average duration of a view.
  • Duration of the Video.
  • Use of keywords in channel pages, titles, captions, tags, and descriptions.
  • The use of backlinks and embed codes.
  • Engaging positively versus negatively.
  • Engaged users (click-through rates, likes, dislikes, comments, shares, and subscribers).
  • Authority over a channel.
  • Since publication, it has been days.
  • The description of the video is too long.


Among the many tactics used by social media experts, playlist curation, ensuring keywords are included, promoting videos across email and other media channels, engaging subscribers, and more, are all part of YouTube optimization. On the other hand, videographers prioritize video optimization and editing techniques that keep viewers watching until the last second. At the same time, we track key metrics and make necessary adjustments to their marketing strategy.

Video Description Copywriting

Audio and video content can now be parsed and understood more efficiently than ever, thanks to artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, YouTube video descriptions are critical ranking factors both on YouTube and on Google search.

To ensure our video descriptions are keyword-optimized, our content writers and social media strategists frequently collaborate. An important factor we consider when ranking a video on YouTube is the length of the description, how many keywords are included, the placement of links, and other textual factors.

Furthermore, we can build customized landing pages for you that embed your YouTube videos. You’ll be able to drive a higher level of engagement by making your content more discoverable in Google search.

 In turn, these efforts can strengthen brand awareness, increase lead generation, and boost conversions.

Video Syndication and Distribution

You can use our services to create video descriptions and landing pages that can help your content be discovered via search and promote your video content across social networks and through email. Video syndication is often referred to as this process.

Another form of video syndication we can assist you with is pay-per-click marketing. 

YouTube Ads

It is not surprising that YouTube is the most popular digital advertising platform on the web. You can plan, script, produce and edit your YouTube advertisements with a Youtube marketing company. In addition to creating frame-mounted banner ads, they can also create custom designs.



You can then have the social media consultants, and PPC consultants refine your target audience for your YouTube advertisement, help you to optimize your bid to maximize conversions, choose the perfect ad format based on your budget and expectations, and more.

YouTube advertising: What you need to know

Now let’s get down to business. To view your video ad, you must upload the file to your YouTube channel. It’s best to make the video public or unlist it if you don’t want it to appear on your track. This is how a youtube video marketing company works.

  1. Organize your campaign

You can create a new campaign by logging into your Google Ads account.

Decide on your campaign goal according to your brand’s marketing goals:

  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Website traffic
  • Considerations for products and brands
  • Reach and awareness of the brand
  • Without a plan, create a campaign
  1. b) Select the type of campaign you want to run if you want to show your Video on YouTube, select Video, or, in some cases, Discovery campaigns. This includes all forms of Google ads (such as search results, text, shopping).

In addition to YouTube, you can also surface display ads on Google Display Network, but note that these aren’t videos; they’re just text and a thumbnail.

  1. c) Because you are likely working with Video, you should choose the video campaign subtype:
  2. d) Don’t forget to name your campaign so it can be easily found, managed, and optimized in the future.
  3. Determine the parameters of your campaign

Choosing your bid strategy (most of the time, this depends on the campaign type: do you prefer conversions, clicks, or impressions?).

The budget can either be entered per day or as the total amount you are willing to spend. You can also specify when your campaign will run.

  1. c) Select where your ads will show up:

Discovery only (i.e., YouTube search results);

All of YouTube (i.e., search results, but also channel pages, videos, and the YouTube homepage)

Network of YouTube Display ads (e.g., non-YouTube affiliated sites)

  • d) Select the languages and locations of your audience. Global ads or country-specific ads can be chosen. The U.S. only accounts for 15% of traffic to YouTube, so you should think globally.

Decide how “sensitive” you want your brand safety guidelines to be. Specifically, are you okay with your ads running alongside profanity, violence, and sexually suggestive content? The price for more sensitive brands may be higher since their ads run in a smaller pool of videos.

  1. Determine who you want to reach

Take the time to develop buyer personas if you have not already done so. Knowing your audience better will help you target them correctly and increase your return on investment.

The demographic information is based on age, gender, parental status, and household income. You can also target YouTube com Australia users according to their life stage: for example, you can target first-time home-owners, college freshmen, or new parents.

You can target people based on their past behavior (i.e., search topics) by using topics and keywords. YouTube is beneficial when you are trying to attract customers who are researching their next electronics purchase or when you are trying to teach them how to build a website.

Using remarketing, you can reach out to audiences who have already visited your website or used your app.

  1. Go live with your campaign

You can set up your campaign by entering the link to your ad, then click Create Campaign.

YouTube has its guidelines for ad creation here, where you can find more detail.

It’s also a great place to try out sequence campaigns, where you upload multiple types of ads that work together and are arranged, so they appear to your audience in the right order.

  1. YouTube ad specs

A skippable or non-skippable in-stream video ad has to be uploaded as a regular video on YouTube first. The technical specs of your YouTube video ad (file size, ad dimensions, ad image sizes, etc.) will be similar to those for YouTube videos generally. It’s ready to go as soon as it’s uploaded to your channel.

Best practices for advertising on YouTube

Despite YouTube’s advertising engine’s power and ability to optimize endlessly, your ad’s success is ultimately determined by how it connects with people. Therefore, creativity is essential. Here are our top YouTube video ad tips.

  • Hook people immediately

Where do hooks come from? Maybe they come from an old friend. Maybe they come from an intense mood or emotion. Framing of well-known (as well as unfamiliar) products and people. It might be a genre choice that is unusual or surprising, such as humor or suspense. A catchy song is also an option if the rights can be obtained.

The Vrbo ad that dominates the leaderboard begins strong with a shot of outright misery. By pairing this title with a dissonant one (e.g., sunny beaches, sandy beaches), audiences are kept on their toes. How are we supposed to understand the sunny beach video?

This video has a bit of a bait and switch, but it’s playful enough to pull it off; it’s a bit of a bait and switch, but it works.

  • Make a mark early, but make it meaningful.

The YouTube data indicates that top-of-funnel awareness ads perform best when branding appears within the first five seconds. For those ads targeting audiences further down the funnel (e.g., consideration-phase viewers), branded ads would be better positioned later in the funnel so that viewers can engage with the ad’s story and drive higher watch times.

  • The next step should be shown.

A YouTube ad’s success can be measured by its goal, as we discussed earlier.

Consider setting up your ad as a TrueView for actions campaign if your campaign goal is to drive lower-funnel actions (e.g., clicks, sales, conversions, or traffic). The viewers can click before the end of your ad by adding clickable elements.

With over 5.4 BILLION Google searches per day, your dream customers are certainly searching for your services on Google.

But is your business being found?

Skip the queue and get onto page 1 of Youtube instantly with the pay to play Youtube Ads platform with google search, shopping or youtube ads.

Our Melbourne Youtube Ads team of accredited specialists can help you stand out from your competitors with the latest Youtube Ads technology, a proven data-driven approach and decades of experience.

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We believe a change is coming in terms of how agencies conduct themselves. Clients don’t want vague guarantees, Account Managers that can’t be reached, and evasive descriptions of what their agency has done with their money each month. To change that, Veritas believes in the following three things:


We’ll tell you in advance if we think there is a better way for you to advertise, and show you exactly what that looks like before you sign anything. You’ll know exactly where we want to take your brand, and why.


No advertising is guaranteed, so if something isn’t working, we’ll be the first to acknowledge it. We want you to work with us because you like what we do, so we have no lock-in contracts for any services ever.


We quantify as much as we can to show you everything we do. No intellectual property, no hidden work, just clear, meaningful updates on all our work. What you are told you get is what you will get.

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No-obligation Strategy Session

Once you enquire, we’ll arrange a time that works for you to discuss your business, what you need, your history of advertising, and any KPIs you might have. If possible, we’ll also arrange Read-Only access to your reporting tools to see how your business has been developing over the past 12 months.

Don’t worry – you’ll speak to a strategist with first-hand experience, not a salesperson.

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Data-Dive & Strategy Production

We’ll put together a strategy unique to your business, objectives, and current situation. We also take into account your budget, so we can provide you options depending on how quickly you want to achieve your business goals.

We don’t lock you into contracts, so we’ll suggest a minimum length you should run your campaigns to achieve the best outcome.

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Strategy Execution

If you’re happy with what you see, then we can get started straight away. Because you know exactly what your budget gets you before we begin, there are no nasty surprises or questions over what we’re doing each month.

We’ll guide you through everything we do each month so you can understand how & why our campaigns are helping your business grow.

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